MCB has entered into contract with Intrasoft International in December 2015 for the installation of a Core Banking System, as the bank was preparing to open doors within the first semester of 2016.

The new Core Banking System, based upon PROFITS® Core Banking System, Intrasoft International’s own Core banking product, was scheduled to be implemented at the bank in two phases. The first phase was designed by Intrasoft International to include the most commonly used banking services, allowing the bank to open doors and exploit intermediate results the soonest possible, while the second phase enabled the bank to provide fully blown commercial banking functionality.

The first phase went successfully in live operation within four (4) months from contract signing while after an additional four (4) months the second phase became fully operational.






8 months

Project details

Intrasoft is providing maintenance and Support services since the operation of the first phase in a two-level support model. All services related to Level One Support, including on-site visits, are provided locally by SoftNet, a partner of Intrasoft International based in Dar Es Salaam. Level One support takes the initial lead in assessing and resolving incidents and call on Level Two support, provided by Intrasoft international’s Banking experts, as and when needed.

The System’s successful installation added to the many recent banking projects that Intrasoft International has delivered or is currently implementing in East Africa and is the first one to be implemented in Tanzania, therefore considered highly strategic by Intrasoft International.

The solution

The new Core Banking Solution purchased by MCB is a complete and integrated packaged solution that fully meets the Bank’s operational needs, based upon PROFITS® Core Banking System. Designed and owned by Intrasoft International, PROFITS® is a complete core banking system, having a wide international portfolio of customers and is based upon state-of-the-art technology. It is a next generation banking system which utilizes its business rules based architecture and modularity to fully adapt to the specific needs of any financial institution, ensuring rich business functionality and scalability.

The results

The implementation of PROFITS® Core banking System provided MCB with the ability to:

  • Meet its strategic plan to break in the local market by introducing within four months the basic core banking services to its customers, in the branches as well as ATMs and Mobile banking (Phase 1).
  • Become quickly established in the local market, by introducing additional services covering the full spectrum of commercial banking in a short time period following the doors opening (Phase 2).
  • Successfully address the local competition, by fully utilizing PROFITS® Products Factory Component that reduces time-to-market for the implementation of new products and services.
  • Minimise the need for physical presence of the customer in the branches, by fully exploiting the capabilities of Internet/Mobile Banking.
  • Unify front-to-back office environment for headquarters, branches, dealers and electronic banking channels.
  • Minimise credit risk, by fully utilizing PROFITS® Loans Applications Processing & Credit Scoring
  • Ensure continuous real time transaction processing on a 24X7 basis.
  • Monitor customer activity originating from different channels while assessing customer profitability and overall financial position.
  • Manage the performance of the Bank and make profitable decisions, by utilizing PROFITS® Performance management System (BI) and exploiting Financial & Profitability data, Customer Insight and Transactional Analysis
  • Easily adapt to legal and regulatory rules or directives.

Along with PROFITS®, Intrasoft International has also provided the detailed specifications for the technological infrastructure of the solution. Among the wide range of technological platforms supported by PROFITS®, the Bank has selected the system to run upon IBM P8 servers running on AIX and DB2. Intrasoft International, designing a state-of-the-art technical architecture has provided to MCB full system high availability, security and easiness of maintenance and operations. The Disaster Recovery site, using automated processes, is ready to take over the Bank’s operation any time a problem is encountered at the Primary site that hinders with the Bank’s operation.