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chat bot

Bots are our new “friends”

12 Mar 2019

AI is reshaping the world. Is reshaping the way we interact with one another and inevitably the way we live. AI is not something new as it was introduced as an academic discipline back in the late 50’s. Nowadays revisited, it has given life to new “intelligent” applications that usually live in...

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employee engagement

Employee Engagement at INTRASOFT International

13 Dec 2018

In the light of our current dynamic, fast-moving working environment, successful organizations are already embracing a new management culture based on continuous learning, inclusion, involvement, empowerment and participation.

In the heart of such a workplace culture, the...

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My internship at INTRASOFT International

01 Nov 2018

Just like the footprints in the sand, each step signifies the journey taken”, a saying that I recently felt hit really close to home.

About a year ago, I took my first professional steps at...

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angular intrasoft

Angular Athens - Shared existence

16 Oct 2018

Hello World!

Have you ever thought about your purpose of existence, literally!? I know, it's a complicated thought.


So, the magic of sharing -in any meaning of it- is tremendous. If you start sharing your success, directly your serotonin amount will take...

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exponential marketing

The rise of Exponential Marketing

15 Oct 2018

According to MIT Press, Technological Singularity is “the idea that ordinary humans will someday be overtaken by artificially intelligent machines or cognitively enhanced biological intelligence”.

A “Black Mirror” scenario? Maybe, a couple of years ago. But today...

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project management intrasoft translations

5 secrets for candidate freelance translators

21 Sep 2018

So, you’ve decided to start working as a freelance translator. You’ve got your dictionaries and your CAT tool ready and you’re looking for your next translation assignment. For those of you working with regular clients, maybe it’s just a matter of answering that translation request that has just...

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project management intrasoft

Managing projects with a tennis racket

18 Sep 2018

Imagine a tennis court, with multiple players on each side, only, instead of a fence, there is a person in the middle, responsible to catch several incoming balls from both sides. Something like this.



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intrasoft marketing tech

Marketing within the Tech world

04 Sep 2018

The Tech world is at center stage right now and somehow, things have shifted creating new needs and bringing attention to areas that formerly belonged strictly under the marketeers’ lens. Engineers now realize that in this new reality of almost 2.500 daily app launches (across the two-star app...

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