INTRASOFT International supports healthcare organizations to achieve improved customer service, greater cost-efficiency and increased reliability through providing IT solutions that cover the entire landscape of healthcare support functions. The portfolio being offered includes a blend of in-house developed, bespoke and commercial third party solutions.

Customized to meet our client’s specific needs, our approach leverages third party and proprietary technologies, proven processes and procedure, as well as highly skilled and technically proficient personnel.

We offer a complete range of enterprise-widemission-critical clinical applications, including

  • ERP
  • HIS
  • LIS
  • PACS
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • Diagnosis Related Groupings
  • Epidemiological Surveillance Systems
  • Telemedicine solutions,
  • as well as and Call Centers

In addition, our team of IT and healthcare industry professionals deliver IT outsourcing services to clients across the industry providing:

  • Installation, customization and maintenance of administrative, financial and bespoke medical applications
  • Users Support and training
  • Application & Infrastructure management with on-site support