The Social Security and Pensions Administration Suite of INTRASOFT INTERNATIONAL is a highly scalable and highly configurable Integrated Platform which supports and automates the business processes within a Social Security Organization.

Our Social Security Applications Integrated Suite is built upon cutting edge technology such as: J2EE, SOA, Workflow-BPM, rules engine, digital signature, mobility, etc., in order to:

  • Meet the needs of an Organization in short term.
  • Support statutory requirements (rules and legislation) in a standardize way.
  • Control the Claiming demands, monitor the workflow load, and finally increase the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the business processes.
  • Provide smooth adaptation to continuously changing Legal Frameworks (flexible platform for adapting changes as going forward).
  • Abandon manual processes by automating and electronically supporting the business processes.
  • Enhance digital services (e-communication) and interoperability between systems.
  • Cover Complex Pensions and Contributions schemes (multiple Funds with their business rules and legislation).
  • Automate the complex and immense payments of pensions.
  • Move the Organization to contactless and paperless processes
  • Utilize the digital information in order to re-adjust the strategic policies and support sustainability of the Organization (utilizing MIS and Data Analytics for Decision making).

In high level the vertical business areas that are supported and automated by Intrasoft International’s Solution are the following:

  • Registry of Insured Persons (Members)
  • Registry of Employers
  • Contributions Management
  • Debts Management
  • Pensions Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Medical (Disability) Examination Committees

supported horizontally by common modules like:

  • Workflow (Embedded BPM Engine)
  • Embedded Knowledgebase and Business Rules Designer (Rules Engine)
  • e-Services (Rich set of e-Collaboration Services for Employers, Members, Debtors)
  • ‘Machine to Machine’ Interoperability Services
  • Mobility Services
  • Financials