Local, state and national Tax and Revenue Agencies are currently facing significant challenges to improve tax and revenue administration, increase operational efficiency, maximise revenue collection and provide better services to citizens and businesses. Taxes, fees and disbursements come from a wide variety of sources and are subject to a labyrinth of regulations, tax laws and policies – rules that are constantly changing making it a challenge to collect taxes accurately.

The Intrasoft Revenue Solution is INTRASOFT International’s response to these challenges. It comprises a set of highly configurable, best-for-purpose taxation applications - developed specifically for Public Sector Revenue agencies - combined with a number of general business applications to provide a complete, end-to-end business solution capable of supporting all the main business processes in an agency. The main components of the Intrasoft Revenue Solution include:

The Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management (PSRM) solution for core tax processing. PSRM is a specialized Tax & Revenue Management solution framework that offers flexible support for all core taxation requirements and incorporating the unique Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) system to facilitate rapid deployment of policy changes. PSRM provides one of the industry’s most robust and flexible tax processing capabilities, capable of supporting the high volume and high availability processing needs of even the largest and most complex Tax and Revenue agency.

INTRASOFT International’s internationally acclaimed ESKORT Compliance and Enforcement Solution. ESKORT provides one of the industry’s most complete compliance and enforcement offerings from risk analysis and selection of taxpayers for audit and/or investigation through to a comprehensive set of audit/investigation tools for planning, conducting and documenting the audit/investigation. A highly flexible case management system enables management and tracking of the whole process and provides the capability to produce comprehensive performance statistics at all levels of activity.

INTRASOFT International's front end Taxpayer Relationship Management System (TRMS) is the channel for e-filing and the provision of other taxpayer services. TRMS is a robust and flexible electronic channel system designed specifically to accommodate the periodic high processing volumes that characterize the operation of a typical tax administration.