PROFITS® Integrated Core Banking System​

PROFITS® is a modern System covering all Core and Near-Core functions of Retail and Corporate Banking in a customer centric and product oriented approach. The System’s Business Rules based Architecture allows the logic of all components to be easily defined through business rules thus dramatically reducing time to market. It’s parametric and components based design allows for fast adaptations and expansions while the System’s portability allows for operation on a variety of modern technological platforms on a 24X7 hour basis.

PROFITS® for Saving & Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) and MFIs

Fully focused upon the specific products and services provided by SACCOs and MFIs, the System constitutes a lighter version of PROFITS® Integrated Core Banking System comprising of specific components offering functionality covering the full spectrum across their operating model, organization and all applicable departments. Due to its robust Business Model and Reporting capabilities the System assists such institutions to overcome the challenges implied in complying with Regulations and hence is a Banking Solution able to support their future transformation to a full commercial bank Micro Finance Bank

i-Profits Internet Banking System

Fully covering Retail and Corporate Banking, the System is integrated with PROFITS® and can be interfaced on-line, real-time with any other core banking system as a stand-alone solution or part of INTRASOFT International’s Omni-Channeling Platform. The Technical Architecture of i-PROFITS® is based upon cutting edge technologies, and provides high availability (built in Load Balancing and Fail over) with minimal configuration efforts. The architecture also provides for vertical and horizontal scalability so that the Bank can accommodate not only future transactions’ high volumes but can also easily introduce additional functionality.

Profits® Performance Management

Is a breakthrough solution, which brings a new approach on how Financial Institutions may deal with Performance Management, Analytics and Dynamic reporting. It is based on a banking business information model that provides a holistic approach to business insight. It also satisfies the need for fast, accurate, and responsive decision-making.



NOMOS is primarily addressed to the legal, technical and financial circles of Greece, the broader public sector, the private companies, legal entities of public and private law, freelancers and the general public. NOMOS' main features are: convenience in use, quality and adequacy of information and multiple ways of quick searching, tracing and retrieval of legal information.



ESKORT is an integrated compliance solution covering all aspects of compliance work, from pre-audit case selection to appeals and debt recovery in an integrated fashion. ESKORT provides comprehensive support for risk analysis, case management and Control/Investigation.