With over 20 years experience in communicating all areas of EU policy, we provide editors, journalists and translators with content specialised in areas as diverse as ICTs & innovation, humanitarian aid, foreign affairs and health.

Each project’s Senior Editor will immerse him- or herself in your subject matter, and be responsible for everything from defining your editorial messaging document through to assuring the quality of everything written.

Our content team implements complete content strategies – for example:

  • SEO-friendly brand journalism, copywriting and editing services for online and print
  • conceiving and creating audiovisual content, infographic and interactive online publications
  • convening, creating and managing online communities
  • promoting your content through social media outreach and press relations.

Depending on the project, therefore, our editors will be working with our translators, web developers, designers, social media experts and filmmakers to transform their deep understanding of your content into media that your audiences will want to consume and share.