Increasing business agility through SOA and BPM

Intrasoft International offers Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Integration and Business Process Management Services (BPM) as a key foundation for delivering the desired business agility and flexibility to Enterprises and Organizations of all sizes. The services portfolio includes designmodelingre-engineeringsimulationimplementation, and setting governance structures of core business processes and their enablers (people, data/content and technology).

SOA Integration solutions connect and reuse existing assets to create a service-oriented architecture IT Infrastructure, while safeguarding investments with governance and oversight. BPM Solutions deliver improved business performance to easily automate and optimize processes, measure their impact, and upgrade them in response to new ideas or external business events. The combination of SOA Integration and BPM assures a rapid integration of business processes, applications and information across the enterprise, leverages enterprise information resources more effectively, and supports innovation and optimization.

We help clients achieve maximum operational effectiveness as well as increasing the flexibility and agility of their business to achieve process changes in response to events in their professional environment.