In today's business environment, technology can be a core competitive strength or a critical weakness. Business IT Consulting services analyze business objectives to determine how a technology solution can deliver the optimal results for business.

INTRASOFT International can offer an extensive range of services to meet client requirements related to Systems Design, Implementation and associated services required whilst transitioning to new systems. Indicatively, we can support our clients in:

  • Defining business requirements for IT solutions.
  • Defining IT strategy for the business, participating in business needs planning & strategy process.
  • Identifying and defining opportunities to simplifyimprove or redesign business processes using IT solutions.
  • Analysing, planning, configuring and developing IT solutions.
  • Overseeing and co-ordinating various aspects of the solution including information flow, data security, business recovery, system implementation, and change management.
  • Defining and ensuring implementation of standards and processing across the client organisation in support of the IT solutions.