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PROFITS® Core Banking System

PROFITS® is a modern, On-Line, Real-Time customer -based, multi-currency Core Banking System. It has been designed using state-of-the-art methodologies and tools, with the highest security specifications, according to international quality standards.  It is comprised a full set of components, seamlessly integrated to each other covering all core and near core banking functionality, as well as Banking ERP functionality in a modular manner. The logic of all PROFITS® components can be easily set up through business rules that are processed from the System’s business rules engine, dramatically reducing time to market.  The powerful Products Generation Engine provides the capability of fast creation of new products and services, which meet the ever-changing needs of the market. Products can be promoted individually or as product packages.

i-PROFITS® Internet Banking System

i-PROFITS® Internet Banking consists of a total, complete, scalable and integrated Internet Banking System which successfully accommodates current and future requirements of a Banking Institution for Retail and Corporate Operations. Following modern banking practices that dictate the introduction of delivery channels in an Omni-Channel architecture, iPROFITS Internet Banking System offers thin client browser-based functionality improving efficiency and quality of service to customers.

m-PROFITS® Mobile Banking System

An innovative platform for mobile banking channel, part of Intrasoft International’s Omni Channel Solution. It covers Retail and Corporate Banking, compatible with Android and iOS devices. The System is fully integrated with PROFITS Core Banking System and can be smoothly integrated with any 3rd party Core Banking System. The types of financial transactions which a customer may transact through mobile banking include obtaining account balances and list of latest transactions, electronic bill payments, and funds transfers between a customer's or another's accounts etc.

a-PROFITS® Agency Banking System

a-PROFITS Agency banking provides a “complementary” channel to Banking Institutions aiming at enhancing financial inclusion in developing countries. Agency Banking is the backbone of a “mobile bank” i.e., agents performing transactions outside conventional bank branches for customers over a mobile device, web or POS in real time transaction processing. a-PROFITS® conducts the transaction and lets clients deposit, withdraw and transfer funds, pay their bills or inquire about an account balance.

PROFITS® for SACCOS (a special edition of PROFITS®  designed specifically for SACCOS)

PROFITS for SACCOS is a Core Banking Solution that covers the Business, Operational and Regulatory needs of SACCOS worldwide, in a fast, secure and reliable manner. PROFITS for SACCOS is offered both as on-Premise solution and as Software as a Service (SaaS). Designed as an integrated packaged solution providing rich comprehensive and contemporary functionality, PROFITS for SACCOS covers core and near-core  business functionality on an end-to-end basis.

PROFITS®  Performance Management System –turn key Banking BI solution

Profits Performance Management System (PPMS) is a pre-packaged, powerful, integrated and easily expandable BI solution based upon a powerful ready-made and proven Banking Business Information and analytical model, that provides on the spot new levels of business insight to the Financial Institutions that it is installed. PPMS, built on the platform of Qlik, takes data from multiple, disparate operational systems, then formats, cleanses, transforms, stores and processes them. Thus, PPMS acts as a pre-packaged BI Solution that once fed with data, it disseminates adequately and in a collaborated manner to the whole of the  managerial ladder the required information needed for decision making in a detailed, accurate, consolidated and complete manner.